Mission Statement

The mission of the International Right-of-Way Association is to unite the efforts of its members toward individual development, improved service to employers and the public and improvement in the body of knowledge related to the professional tasks of its members. To achieve these goals, the Association provides a Code of Ethics and Rules of Professional Conduct, a forum for the exchange and advancement of ideas, education courses and seminars, and a program of professional development.

Benefits of Membership

The International Right of Way Association is dedicated to enrichment through education and professional networking for the right of way professional. The IRWA is an organization well respected by industry professionals, and has a mission to improve the industry and careers of right of way professionals. At the IRWA meetings and national, regional and local conferences and events, we bring together professionals from all right of way disciplines and officials from the public and private sectors.

IRWA membership benefits also include significant discounts on IRWA courses, a subscription to Right of Way Magazine, and access to the IRWA member's only section of the international website. We also offer eligibility for the SR/WA designation (Senior Member) and certification programs. IRWA members have the opportunity to network and build important relationships with the IRWA's community of more than 10,000 professionals at local, regional and international meetings. Members also benefit from valuable education through IRWA's diverse education program.

As members gain experience and responsibility, there are opportunities to serve the IRWA and the profession through a variety of leadership positions and committees at the local, regional, and international levels. Members also have the opportunity to contribute articles to Right of Way magazine and apply to become a paid IRWA course instructor.

Agency Membership

Governmental agencies interested in enrolling 20 or more individuals as IRWA members may want to consider the Agency Membership option. Details about Agency Membership may be obtained by contacting IRWA Business Development Officer Daniel Stekol at stekol@irwaonline.org.


Click here for more information from the International web site on the International Right of Way Designations and Certifications.

Committee Representatives

IRWA International Nominations and Elections Committee
Randall Kopher, FRICS, IFA, PMP, SR/WA - Vice Chair
IRWA Chapter 74
5017 Westfield Drive, Austin, Texas 78731
512-578-4402 - 512-217-1937

Asset Management Committee
Mr. Dean Harris, SR/WA, IRWA Chapter 74
City of Austin - Real Estate Services
505 Barton Springs Rd., Suite 1350, Austin, TX 78704
512-974-7061 - 512-974-7088 (fax)

Environment Committee
Ms. Terry Matheson, IRWA Chapter 8
Doyle Land Services, Inc.
1811 Bering Drive, Suite 310, Houston, TX 77057
713-458-5119 - 713-458-5111 (fax)

Local Public Agency Committee
David Harrah, IRWA Chapter 74
Texas Department of Transportation
118 E. Riverside Drive, Austin, TX 78704
512-416-2962 - 512-416-2909 (fax)

Pipeline Committee
David W. Sinclair SR/WA, IRWA Chapter 8
Paragon Partners, Ltd.
3801 Kirby Drive, Suite 411, Houston, TX 77098-4154
713-582-5697 (cell)

Relocation Assistance Committee
Ms. Karen D'Angelo, R/W-RAC, IRWA Chapter 36
Relocation Supervisor, Halff Associates, Inc.
1201 N. Bowser Road, Richardson, TX 75081-2275
214-346-6353 - 214-739-0095 (fax)

Surveying & Engineering Committee
Walt Sass, IRWA Chapter 8
Weisser Engineering & Surveying Company
P.O. Box 219315, Houston, TX 77218-9315
281-579-7300 - 281-828-0055 (fax)

Transportation Committee
Elizabeth T. Norris, IRWA Chapter 74
Austin, TX
512-342-3443 - 512-342-2453 (fax)

Utilities Committee
David Bethel, IRWA Chapter 8
Allen, Williford, & Seale
11999 Katy Freeway, Suite 400, Houston, TX 77079
281-493-4444 - 281-493-6845 (fax)

Valuation Committee
Donnie Sherwood, SR/WA, IRWA Chapter 36
Integra Realty Resources
930 W 1st Street, Ft. Worth, TX 76102
817-332-5522 - 817-336-1621 (fax)

Chapter Education Chairs

Sue Findley, SR/WA, R/W-AMC, R/W-NAC
Chapter 8 - Houston

Victor Vaughn Salamy, SR/WA
Chapter 33 - Oklahoma

Budd Rodgers, SR/WA
Chapter 35 - Midland

Dalton Vann, SR/WA
Chapter 36 - DFW

Joyce Labus, SR/WA
Chapter 39 - San Antonio

Jeanie Backor
Chapter 39A - Rio Grand Valley

Sharon Yates
Chapter 43 - Baton Rouge

David Blakeney, SR/WA, R/W-NAC
Chapter 51 - Little Rock

Matt Eckmann
Chapter 74 - Austin
Luanne L Dunn, R/W-RAC

Ms. Ana B Rausch, SR/WA
Region 2 Chair




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