Professional of the Year and Young Professional of the Year

Marcus Boyd

2020 – Marcus Boyd, SR/WA, R/W-NAC, R/W-RAC, R/W-URAC

Marcus is a Vice President and partial owner for Pinnacle Consulting Management Group, Inc. Marcus oversees operations nationwide with focused management of all Texas projects.  Pinnacle is a professional right of way, land acquisition, relocation assistance and survey company. Marcus has been in the Right of Way business since 2005, earned his R/W- Relocation Assistance Certification in 2009, the SR/WA designation in 2011 and R/W-Negotiation and Acquisition Certification in 2017. He has Business Marketing and Management degrees from Texas Tech University and is a licensed Texas Real Estate Broker.  Marcus currently serves on the International Diversity Task Force, is a Member-at-Large of the International Transportation Committee and has recently served as the North Texas Chapter 36 International Right of Way Association International Director, Chapter President, Vice President, Secretary, Membership Chairperson and Professional Development Committee Chairperson. Marcus is extremely blessed to be able to enjoy spending time with his wife, his son, and his two daughters.

Previous Professionals of the Year


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Bob Montgomery2004 – Bob Montgomery,   J. D.

Connie Williford2003 – Connie Williford, MAI

Randall Kopfer2002 – Randall Kopfer, SR/WA

Cleo Grounds2001 – Cleo Grounds, SR/WA

Young Professional of the Year

Will Snider

2020 – Robert W. “Will” Snider, MAI, RWA, R/W-AC

Will Snider serves as a Senior Vice President for JLL’s Valuation and Advisory Services (VAS) in the Fort Worth office. Mr. Snider has performed valuation and consulting services across the State of Texas on various properties including, but not limited to, retail centers, apartment complexes, industrial facilities, raw and developed land, office buildings, mixed use developments and hotels/motels.  His experience in appraisal for right-of-way acquisition purposes includes projects for TxDOT, local municipalities, TRA, pipeline companies, and other agencies.

Prior to joining JLL in late 2016, Mr. Snider was an analyst for the Fort Worth office of Integra Realty Resources DFW, LLC, a full-service real estate consulting and appraisal firm.  Mr. Snider joined IRR, DFW as an intern in May 2013 and accepted an analyst position upon graduating with his graduate degree from Texas A&M University in December 2013.

Will has been an active member of IRWA Chapter 36 since 2014 and has served as the Chapter Young Professional Committee Chair, a Committee Member of the Education Committee as well as the Chair of the Education Committee.  Will was named 2019 Chapter 36 Young Professional of the Year and IRWA Young Professional of the Year.

Previous Young Professionals of the Year

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